A Yoga RELAX session consist of 3 parts.

A longer intensive stretching part. The attention is focussed on flexibility of muscles and joints. It will be a head to toe treatment. Controled simple pilates excercises to enhance muscles and especially the core (abbs and back) area.

A movement meditation to come in peace and balance. Excercises and forms will be repeated frequently so you can make them your own and notice improvement.

A session is easy to follow. For people with (joint)problems, there are always alternative moves to reach the same goal. You work individual on a mat with relaxing music.

A number of processes in your body and mind will chance, due to enhancing flexibility and relaxation. You will feel better and more relaxt.

The sessions are very good for people who want to learn to relax and from this relaxation want to train and to feel the body and mind. So for very sportive people who want another mindset and for people who have a little less fysical background.

Because of my own background, yoga will be the base of the sessions but they will be complimented with movements or techniques from various methods.

Sessions start at tuesday 4th of september. They will take place every tuesday from 17.00 till 18.00 hrs.

Please bring a towel and a bottle with water, comfortable but not too baggy clothes.