YogaFIT is a dynamic workout in which we combine several different methods and movement forms. The purpose of this workout is to become more flexible, more powerfull and to create more body-awareness. It also helpes you to increase inner peace and concentration, to obtain a healthier and fitter body. To go short: to feel better inside and outside.

During a YogaFIT session movements and exercises flow organically from one into the other. flowing movements will wake your body up, postures will enhance your muscles, concentration and balance. Core excercises will alternate with relaxing moments. But we will also do intense stretching that can make your body more flexible. On some items we do some teamwork to undergo an exercise in full relaxation or to challenge yourself a little more. In the end we come to a rest with a short meditation.

We make use of exercises from several methods like yoga, pilates, dance, acrobatics and mindfullness.

duration: 90 minutes

The sessions will take place at wednesday mornings from 10.00 till 11.30 hrs. Take a llook at the program for the exact dates.