Trampoline Fitness

Dorine KokFor women and men who want to improve their fitness and their muscle tone.

It is not always easy  to maintain your fitness but don’t worry: thanks to “Trampoline FITNESS”, you can focus on your workout and feel fit! You will gain more flexibility and strength and therefore it will also have a positive effect on your mental state of mind. On top of that, you remain flexible and in balance. “Trampoline FITNESS”,  offers straightforward, yet challenging exercises for one and a half hour.

Dorine KokA session is built with the following components:

  • Warming-up  to loosen the joints and muscles.
  • A cardio workout using trampolines: this greatly reduces the load on the joints but because of the constant need to maintain balance, it is a full workout of the core body area (abdomen and back). The aerobic activity not only provides calorie burn and fat loss but will mainly help building up your overall fitness level.
  • Half an hour of intense core exercises alternated with stretching and relaxing techniques.

Bring a towel and a bottle of water. Footwear of your choice.

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